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Article No.: 144690
Article No.: V.735.162.420
Article No.: V.745.872.430
VLM Klima-Wechseltest-Prüfschrank Typ ClimaCORR® CC 1000-FL PH, Kompakte Schrankkonstruktion für die vollautomatische Durchführung von Klima-Wechseltesten z.B. DIN EN ISO 11997-1:2006 Cycle B (vormals VDA 621-415), VW PV 1210, NISSAN CCT-I,

Prüfraumvolumen: ca. 1000 L
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Article No.: V.755.262.221

VLM Corrosion-Testing Cabinet  Type CCT 1000-FL AKES for conducting High Humidity and Kesternich-Tests with automatic dosing of Sulphur dioxide ( SO2 ) according to DIN EN ISO 6988 as well as DIN 50018, DIN EN ISO 6270-2, ASTM G 85  
Working temperature: 5°C > ambient up to +60°C.
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Important information regarding laboratory chemicals
Please note that as of 01.05.2016 VLM does not offer laboratory chemicals any more.

For all enquires related to laboratory chemicals we suggest you to contact TH Geyer in Hamburg:

Contact person at TH Geyer in Hamburg:
Mrs. Lossin
t: +49 40 533214 137
e1: lossin@thgeyer.de
e2: hamburg@thgeyer.de