New: ClimaCORR® Test Chest CC1000-TL FR 20/60

ClimaCORR® test chest CC 1000-TL FR 20/60
An excellent performance of VLM's development team has resulted in a new product: ClimaCORR® test chest CC 1000-TL FR 20/60 for complex cyclic climatic test with freezing phase (operating range -20°C up to bis +60°C).    
The robust construction of the new ClimaCORR® test chamber follows the proven principle of combining plastic side panels and stainless steel (coated with ECTFE). It is designed for testing the temperature range of -20°C and +60°C with rapid climate change and accurate transitions. The excellent reproducibility of the test climates makes ClimaCORR® test chest a versatile test device, not only for the VDA 233-102 test for which it has been actually designed. Unlike standard climatic test chambers designed for temperature shocks CC 1000-TL FR 20/60 is also suitable for the implementation of aggressive salt spray and the most cyclic corrosion tests in the automotive industry. With the removable swivel tube even the VOLVO/Ford related tests are feasible.
Innovative solutions were implemented in tnis new chest in order to achieve maximum precision in the humidity control especially in the critical area of around ​​+10°C. Interested? Call us: +49 505 8796314.


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