New: SaliCORR® SP Sodium Chloride

SaliCORR® in various packages
Premium quality SaliCORR® sodium chloride meets the highest international requirements for salt purity.   

The international standards for testing with salt spray prescribe different purity criteria for sodium chloride. While the DIN EN ISO 9227 requires that nickel respectively copper do not exceed 0.0001%, the ASTM B117 calls for a the content of copper to be less than 3 ppm (= 0.00003%). Moreover, the ISO 6353-2 "Reagents for chemical analysis" that replaced JIS K 8150, does not specify any limit values ​​for copper or nickel, but calls for a very low sulphate content: max. 0.002%.

With the introduction of SaliCORR® SP high purity grade of sodium chloride VLM met the requirements of users who need to perform corrosion tests in accordance with very different standards. SaliCORR® SP meets all purity requirements of all standatrds, is naturally free-flowing without the addition of anti-caking agents. This high quality is currently available in 5kg PE bags or 10kg, 20kg or 25kg buckets. Each delivery is accompanied with a batch-related quality certificate.


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