New: Thermal-insulation hoods for VLM salt spray, top-loading test chests

New: Hood for thermal insulation of VLM top-loading test cabinets
a contribution of VLM to energy saving solutions, respectively reduction of cabon dioxide (CO2) emission

The 8 mm thick acrylic lid of VLM top-loading test chests is a compromise between sufficient heat insulation and heat losses inside the test chamber during corrosion tests. The lid allows heat losses so there is a water condensation as required by the ISO 6270-2 respectively the ASTM D2247.

New: VLM offers hoods for additional thermal insulation for 600 L and 1000 L top loading salt spray cabinets. This is a further contribution to efforts to preserve energy, respectively to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide (CO2). There is a window in the front that allows a view into the test chamber.


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