Corrosion Test Chambers

The VLM Technology for Corrosion Testing Ensures Consistent, Repetitive and Reliable Test Results in Various Industries and Applications

Which corrosion tests would you like to perform?

VLM offers test chambers for the following test procedures:

 Water Condensation tests

  - DIN EN ISO 6270-1
  - DIN EN ISO 6270-2

 Kesternich test

  - DIN EN ISO 6988
  - DIN 50018

 Water Immersion test   - DIN EN ISO 2812-2
 Salt Spray test     - ISO 9227 (NSS, ESS, CASS)   

 Cyclic climate-change tests (aeration
 phase with room and warm air)   

  - VDA 621-415
    (room air 23°C/±50%)
 - VW PV 1210
    (room air 23°C/±50%)   
  - GMW 14872
    (warm air 60°C/≤30%) 

 Cyclic immersion tests

  - EN ISO 11 130

 Climate change tests
 (regulated humidity / high temperature)

  - GM
  - Volvo
  - Renault ECC1

 Climate change tests with freezing phase   
 (humidity / high temperature / freezing) 

 - New VDA

Standards for corrosion testing can be a very complex matter. Many standards can be found in our database including diagrams, procedures, comments and peculiarities.

For personal advise please contact us.

What is the Size of Your Specimens?

The following sizes of test chambers are available:

      Front loading cabinets     
(volume in liters) 

  300, 400, 1000, 3000, 3500

 Top loading chests
(volume in liters) 

  600, 1000

How Big is the Available Floor Area?

VLM offers the choice between the  front loading  and  top loading  chambers

    1. Front loading cabinets 
The front loading cabinets have particularly small footprint since all accessories (e.g. water plant, solution tanks, climate module) can be placed inside the bench cabinet underneath the test chamber.

The test chamber area is located at eye level which makes it very easy to manipulate with specimens and clean the chamber. The test process can be monitored through the safety  pane of the the front door.

      2. Top loading chests
The top loading chests require a larger footprint since all accessories (the tanks with the test solution, the plant for water treatment and possibly the climate module) has to be placed around the chests.

The chests are particularly suitable for heavy specimens which can be loaded into the test area with a hoist. Moreover, the test process can be monitored through the transparent acrylic hood.

Jumo iTRON 16
Jumo dTRON 304

Jumo IMAGO controller

Beckhoff PLC

The Choice of Controllers for Any Type of Tests

The different tests have different requirements regarding complexity and flexibility of control. All controllers, however, make no compromise regarding accuracy. VLM offers the optimal controller for each application.

We Develop For Your Benefit

We offer a wide range of equipment test chambers for the atmospheric corrosion testing. With numerous optional features make it possible to customize any of our product to your specific requirement. Our speciality are tailor made solutions.

ECC1 Test Results MultiCORR Test Chamber
VLM Maxi Test Results MultiCORR Test Chamber

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VLM offers Introduction to corrosion testing as in-house training at your location. For more information please contact us!