"Corrosion is chemistry"

"Complex electrochemical reactions on the surface

This is the guideline of our device development since our foundation in 1999. That's why we went new ways in test room design from the beginning: < p style = "text-align: justify;"> As practice shows, we are well prepared for the high demands of modern climate change test procedures in the automotive industry.

For example, their factory standards require precise regulation of temperature and humidity as well as short transition times from one test phase to the next.

To To meet these very different requirements with high reproducibility in as much as one device is not only a very powerful process control required. The basic requirement is a fast and even heat transfer from the heaters into the test room, clocked in small portions, the closer the test room temperature is to the setpoint. Equally important are fast cooling rates. Classic advanced salt spray devices in all-plastic construction are reaching their physical limits.

That's why we use Stainless steel where rapid heat transfer is required. Floors, roofs or back walls are coated with ECTFE, (Ethylene Chlorotrifluoroethylene), a chemically and thermally highly stable copolymer that has long proven itself in chemical apparatus construction.

The fully automatic ClimaCORR® process control in conjunction with the individual operating systems meets the highest standards of consistency and reproducibility of the test climates. Thus the is a crucial requirement for the comparability or reliability of test results .

Incorrect results can have serious consequences for you. That's why we reject "cheap solutions".

We're convinced that corrosion testers are not "optimizing" for cheap become. Instead, our devices offer a high level of cost-effectiveness and thus help to save costs. These include a service-friendly design, a competent equipment service, user training, telephone support, lower energy consumption and finally: the possibility of reprocessing of equipment and the reuse of materials used. We just keep thinking.

Our versatile device program offers de