Kesternich-Tests - VLM DosiCORR® ED bietet hohe Sicherheit bei der Dosierung von SO2

DosiCORR® - Electronic gas dosing system for sulphur-dioxide(SO2)
Sulfur dioxide is known to be a dangerous gas. For this reason the SOgas dosaging in a Kesternich test chambers must meet the highest safety standards. The VLM DosiCORR® ED gas dosing system can be connected to virtually any VLM test chamber designed to conduct Kesternich test. It is intended to replace the manual gas dosing system DosiCORR® MD developed in the past.

VLM's system for electronic dosage of sulfur dioxide ECKES consists of:

  • permanently ventilated gasket for storing a steel bottle with SO2 filling
  • electronic mass-flow meter for measuring the volume of gas
  • digital display and the controll unit with LCD display
  • needle valve to adjust the gas flow
  • normally closed PTFE metering valve
  • PTFE safety hoses
  • stainless steel tubing
  • fitting to flush the system with nitrogen or dry air
  • 2m exhaust hose


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